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Optimize your vertical mouse responsiveness (m_pitch and m_yaw)
Saturday, November 29, 2008, 17:21
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Besides setting your overall sensitivity with “set sensitivity” you can do some fine tuning. With tweaking the variables m_pitch (vertical [up/down]-sensitivity) and m_yaw (horizontal [left/right]-sensitivity) in your configuration, you can effectively improve your aiming for getting more headshots.

How do m_pitch and m_yaw work?

As the author of the rtcw.jolt.co.uk-article points out correctly: illustrations may be the easiest way to describe the effect of a.) sensitivity, b.) m_pitch and c.) m_yaw:

Note those are just illustrations to visualize that you can squeeze your mouse-responsiveness vertically and horizontally using m_pitch and m_yaw.

How does the game engine translate your mouse-movement?

As ruffnux points out in his acceleration-bug-report, every “count of frames” times per second the mousemovement is calculated like (1.) mouseX * sensitivity * m_pitch and (2.) mouseY * sensitivity * m_yaw. The default setting for m_pitch and m_yaw is 0.022. Now if you lower m_pitch or m_yaw, you get an ellipse instead of a circle for your vertical or horizontal mousemovement. So with lower m_pitch it will be easier for you to keep your cross-hair at head level. But as always: no pain, no gain, as on the other hand it will be more difficult to aim up and down (e. g. for compensating your cross-hair going down when crouching or proning or to aim at someone on a balcony or stuff like that).

How do I set up m_pitch and m_yaw?

Both settings depend on each other. As a rule of thumb ruffnux suggests to ensure m_pitch is at least 2/3 of what m_yaw is set to. So e. g. if you leave m_yaw at the standard setting of 0.022, set m_pitch to 0.66 * 0.022 = 0.015. Most servers will anyway include punkbuster-restrictions, that where introduced by clanbase at RTCW back in 2003. The reasons was to avoid players locking their cross-hairs to headshot height and so demanding more aiming skills. After restricting m_pitch to a range also m_yaw had to be set to a fixed range or value to achieve this goal. The reason is because you can also achieve a lower vertical responsiveness by (1) lowering your overall sensitivity and (2) compensating that by increasing your vertical responsiveness again with m_yaw to get back your original vertical sensitivity. The restrictions

pb_sv_cvar m_pitch out -0.015 0.015
pb_sv_cvar m_yaw in 0.022 or pb_sv_cvar m_yaw out -0.022 0.022

This means your minimum values on punkbuster-servers can be 0.015 for m_pitch and 0.022 for m_yaw. So on punkbuster-servers those values should be set up to:

set m_yaw 0.022
set m_pitch 0.01501

Are there other ways to tweak my vertical responsiveness?

Yes there are other ways. For example some mouse-drivers (Razer) will let you adjust your vertical and horizontal mouse responsiveness. Using some configuration hacks It was also possible for Logitech users in the past to use Razer-drivers with Logitech mice (see e. g. this article on Crossfire [thanks to oBs for the hint], “Razer Drivers with Logitech” on ESR or this guide):

Is this still possible – anyone tried it out?


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Nice post. I’ve never tried tweaking these things with mouse drivers, but I remember foonr creating a tutorial on CF detailing how to make any mouse work with Razer drivers: “Converting your mouse to run Razer drivers”.

Comment by oBs

ah thanks for the addition! i just added the link to the post. 🙂

Comment by enemyterritorytips

thank you 🙂

Comment by indir

[…] […]

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ive recently looked at this sight for my l4d2 mouse setting and I have entered a a comman that messing up my mouse movement I have already tried -autoconfig
and renaming cfg file

Comment by Anonymous

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