Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – Tips & More

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Who are you?

me in greek 2008

me in greek 2008

*yawns* Well I was born in 1978 and I’m living in the ruhr area in Germany. I play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory since about 2004. Altough I did’t play Return To Castle Wolfenstein before, I had many many hours fun spending my time with fragging on Goldrush & Co and playing versus many really good players. Back in those years I had the time to play both clanwars and public gaming while I was studying – nowadays I got a time consuming job and I can play only once of twice a week – only public. But it is still much fun… 🙂

Why do you do this website?

Mainly because I want to see if I can get a good google ranking with a blog – no kidding, it’s just an experiment that interests me as I’m working as an online marketer. 😉 But also because I want to share some tips on good fragging on public servers. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on the articles – maybe you see things different? 🙂 Sure you do… Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one. 😉

Sponsored by Pronto

Aim sponsored by Pronto

What Hardware do you use?

AMD Athlon 2800+, 768 MB RAM, Belinea CRT 18″ Monitor, Logitech MX518 Mouse, Noname Keyboard, Noname Headset, wooden table as mousepad and… the secret ingridient: Pronto Classic furniture-spray for perfect glide. 😉

Where can you be found/contacted in any case?

Find me e. g. at:

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Hehe… cool blog 🙂

Comment by Annoyer13

Nice site!

you should see this ET chanel: http://www.youtube.com/user/iLoHeyOranges and put some videos from it here! They are awesome I think.
Good luck!


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