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Your best config for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Saturday, December 6, 2008, 14:15
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The standard configuration that comes with the installation of the game may look good – the graphics are nice, the sound bumps through your headset and you can move intuitively through the map. But to blast some ownage, it is necessary to do some tweaking.

Sadly or not – Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a game, where tweaking your configuration and/or hardware can get you big advantages over those, who don’t do it or who don’t have set up the game optimally…But before going to the details I may wanna destroy your dreams by pronouncing the following rule:

No, there is not the single ownage configuration optimized for aiming, accuracy, jumping or stuff like that. You always gotta find your own special configuration that suits you best for your setup (hardware, mouse, mouspad, way of playing, …) and then stick to it not changing it again every now and then!

But now to you config…

Where do I get good configs from other players as examples?

download configs on player profile pages

CF: download configs on player profile pages

Search the Crossfire.nu-community. There are many players who let you download their game-configurations. Maybe you want to start with the configs from urtier, foonr or overdrive and then you can rummage further in their buddy-lists. Try out different configs and look if they will suit you with little adaptions (e. g. keyboard, mouse, …). You can also get a lot of suggestions on how to organize your configuration-files by having a look on the setup of experienced players… So: download a lot of them. It’s free! πŸ˜‰

No way, dude. I want to start off with my own config; how do I do this?

If you don’t want to take another configuration as a basis, you can of course set up your autoexec.cfg completely on your own. This might even be useful, because this way you force yourself to deal with the meaning and effects of all the variables in W:ET and get a real crack (or geek?). πŸ˜‰

What are the key-factors I may have to adapt and tweak?

In order of their importance (opinions on that of course may vary):

  1. Mouse-settings
    – overall sensitivity:
    Download and work through “Aiming By RaZiel” to find your personal best sensitivity. Basically if you are able to focus clearly on a spot while strafing with or without stamina, you meet most requirements to own. ;-)- vertical & horizontal sensitivity: read the details here– acceleration (coming soon)

    – dpi (coming soon)

    – other stuff (e.g. pointer-precision)

  2. keyboard buttons and their variable names

    keyboard buttons and their variable names

    Read on at
    Planetwolfenstein for newbies: Setting up your controls

  3. Graphics settings for getting high and stable 43/63/72/76/83/100/ 125/166 fps. Please find an exhaustive guide in the “Wolfenstein for newbies: Tweaking Guide“. All important variables are explained by text and screenshots.
  4. Netsettings for optimal client-server-communication.
    I recommend to read on at “Connection, Framerate and Visual Tweaks“. The article explains the netsetting-variables of the quake3-engine. But it also applies on W:ET which is based on the engine.
  5. Other tweaking (e. g. other memory- and cpu-eating stuff like sound)
  6. Fine-tuning (e. g. your view, cross-hair, hud, having a dedicated config for some maps)
  7. Scripts (e. g. for quickly changing spawnpoints or your class without losing focus on frags). Read on at “Planetwolfenstein for newbies: Scripting for newbies
  8. Vsay-binds and your colored nickname (help)- yeah we all need some personality, do we?! πŸ˜‰

Last but not least…

  • Be sure you have the latest drivers and updates installed for your hardware (graphics, motherboard, soundcard, bios, …)
  • Besides the ingame tuning (your configuration) you might also have a look at the global settings (graphics-driver setup for performance, windows mouse setup (6/11 at Win XP), …)
  • You may wanna consider to also tweak your hardware (e. g. mouse on USB vs. PS/2)

Anything missing? Suggestions? Is this collection of links helpful..? πŸ™‚

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The β€œAiming By RaZiel” thing contains a Trojan Horse.

Comment by naughtydog

hmm in what file?

Comment by Rene

In mouse stuff I think

Comment by naughtydog

new link => should be virus-free (if there was any).
(but plz check with ur scanner after d/l anyway).

and thanks for the reporting!

Comment by Rene

Look dudes, those Trojan horses are “false positives”…lol but you really understand what sre you talking bout, or you just read the texts?


Comment by Freddyoshiie

You are right; “if there was one”… by the way m8, awsome site, congratz πŸ˜‰

-*WH*-FreDDy67 (Fred)

Comment by Freddyoshiie

lol πŸ™‚

Comment by stokar

meee soo aziaaanan.

Comment by dingdongdou


Comment by Enemy Territory

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Where i put files, how use my config?

Comment by Subaru

This is good stuff πŸ™‚

Comment by ky

e liquide Your best config for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory | Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – Tips & More

Comment by luqseg@gmail.com

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