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Frag-Movie: Suck My Ping – goq´kaily
Wednesday, November 26, 2008, 2:11
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Remember “Suck My Ping”? I just happened to see the video again today on own3D.at. After 4 years now it made me remember the good old times and how I was fascinated with the nice frags from kaily back in 2004 when the fragmovie hit the scene… After seeing it I downloaded all the replays/demos that were available on the gods of quake website. 🙂

Check out “Suck My Ping” for nostalgia:

(Or go with the high quality version at own3D.at)

Kaily also released “Suck My Ping 2“. Plus he announced “Suck My Ping 3” and postponed it several times if I remember it correctly. But Part 3 was never released though (except for the trailer).

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Hi there!

What the fuck … I justed surfed around and found this blog, and hey I can see my old ET fragmovie here 😉

You’re absolutely right, I never released SMP3 but after seeing this blog I thought that I could upload the first 3 minutes (that’s all what was made) to youtube. You can find all my movies there:

They should be available in high quality too 🙂

Cu m8 😉

Comment by goq`kaily

lmfao 😀
Well what should I say.. I’m kinda bamboozled.. 😉 It’s just fuckin awesome you surfed in and released the part of SMP3 that has been finished.. but.. give someone a finger and he wants the hand – where’s the rest!? 😀

Btw: just watched the trailer again at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbeI-cfLAO0 .. 1:10 min ff. was <3.. 😉

Comment by Paul

Suck my ping has a new server add me on xfire => satyrias666

nice vid ^^

Comment by leonhart

thanks for your comment..
i c: suck my ping is also the name of an u.s.-w:et-server xfire:join?game=wet&server=

hm don’t have xfire.. but i’ll gladly join the server sometime.. 😉

Comment by Paul

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