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Hitboxes in Enemy Territory (ET Pro) – reyaIP report
Saturday, November 22, 2008, 15:37
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... acting headless?

... acting headless?

In Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory each playermodel gets 2 or 3 boxes drawn around itself. Those boxes are the hitable sweet-spots – the hitboxes. Hitboxes have always been a problem in Enemy Territory as they seemed to be not accurate enough, wrong or even missing. This especially concerned the head-box which registers headshots that do up to 50 damage and thus far more than body shots what makes them very desirable. Bani tried to fix the problem with ET Pro and he came up with new headbox-code b_realhead (see changes in ET Pro 3.2.0, May 2005), better antilag-code and other stuff; but the results still seemed to be everything but perfect. Let’s have a look at some screenshots of ET Main & ET Pro hitboxes in different situations and draw implications for our gameplay.

Back in the year 2004, [nw]reyalP did an intersting analysis on the hitboxes in Enemy Territory. He used a custom MOD (never released though I think) which showed the hitboxes all the time (so not g_debugbullets). Also he used the ET Main code not ET Pro as he had no access to it; but from speaking with Bani, who said there weren’t any adjustments to the hitbox calculations (remark: some boxes were made taller than in ET Main) he was sure that it would also fit on ET Pro – when b_realhead is not > 0. Most servers today got b_realhead = 1 running, so that the following screenshots would not mirror accurately the hitboxes for the head.

strafing left with nade

hitbox-offset: strafing left with nade

Note: with b_realhead = 0 the heads hitbox is slightly offset to a moving player model – it actually follows slightly behind the player model; and with b_realhead > 0 the head hitbox should stay on the model while moving. To check whether you play on a server with the ET Pros head hitbox code, just enter the console and type:

/pb_cvarval b_realhead

Looking at his screenshots that contained player models in different movement situations (standing, crouching, proning, swimming, …), one state of the models animation, using different weapons (smg, grenade, …) plus the resulting hitboxes-calculation, reyaIP pointed out several interesting things:

  1. The player model head can be ahead of its hitbox in the direction in which the player strafes
  2. The player model ducks down a bit while moving, but its hitbox does not follow the model
  3. A player model holding a SMG has its head offset to the left (your POV), the heads hitbox does not follow

Click on the screenshots to make yourself a picture of this:

Besides the notes from reyaIP you can see other things, which have e. g. been reported in a forum around 2005: the heads’ hitbox while crouching is not nescessarily the forehead or helmet, but more or less the chin.

And finally quoted notes from reyaIP on the screenshots for proning-hitboxes, which we all like (2nd) best ;-):

  1. The head hitbox position is based on a fixed set of rules based on player view angles, but the player model is not. You can be looking in exactly the same direction, and the player model can be in very different positions with regards to the hitbox. Where the model is depends on what sequence of turns you used to get there. While this is true for all the animations, the effects are more extreme with the prone models.
  2. The animations that happen when you turn (or look up/down) have multiple effects. When you start to turn, just the head turns. At some point the body twists, then the feet shuffle around, and the whole thing starts over. Very nice from an eye candy point of view, but horrible in for the hit detection. Like the standing animation, the prone ones change a bit depending on what you are holding, and are different again for moving.

So if the hitboxes for proning are the 2nd best ones, which ones do we like most? 🙂

Swimming is like standing

Swimming is like standing

Believe it or not: according to reyaIPs analysis the player model goes into swimming pose while diving/swimming and the hitboxes stick to the ones from player models in standing position.


Hitboxes in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory have always been a problem and will always rouse discussions. Well I think we got to live with the boxmodel and know about its bugs or “specialities”. For example aim for the chin and not for the forehead when you got someone crouched in front of you. And don’t look for the player model in front of you but have in mind the hitboxes that probably lie behind it. It’s often annoying and frustrating but everyone knows about the problems and thus everyone plays with equal opportunities. You just got to make the best of it… Perhaps we just got to take it with humour – enjoy Just Pub #056: 😉

Just Pub #056

Just Pub #056

Whats your opinion?

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I have been playing ET for roughly for 2 years. But recently i have been facing one BIG problem in this game.

My problem is that When i’m playing ,The soldier is moving to right by itself occasionally and it gets more when im shooting at someone or in the crowd. I don’t what it is and how did that happen.
What is this, does it indicate virus or glitch ???

Plz help me out in this issue

Looking forward to get your respond

Comment by Kourosh

i’m not into online gaming any more .. guess u checked any keyboard malfunction (e.g. sticky ‘d’-key or something)?

Comment by Rene

[…] ・headshotを狙う Hitboxes in Enemy Territory (ET Pro) – reyaIP report « Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – Tips &am… […]

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It’s 2019 and hitboxes in ET are still a joke.

Comment by ET player since 2008

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