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Strategic use of corners, obsticles and other concealing places
Sunday, November 16, 2008, 13:01
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Maps in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory contain many elements that you should use to your strategic advantage in firefights. One of the (if not the) most powerful of them: corners. You probably know the situation where some opponent pops up unexpected behind a random corner, shoots you down without giving you any chance and you slam the mouse while shouting “lame corner-camper”…

But let’s have a closer look at

  1. why are corners so powerful
  2. why it’s not lame but clever to use them
  3. how you use them best

@1: As LXasylum points out in his RTCW-movie “how to achieve maximum accuracy”, corners are both an offensive and a defensive weapon. You can lean behind a corner a see whats happening and how many opponents come towards you so you know more than they do which is always a powerful advantage (e. g. let them eat a nade). When you pop up unexpetedly behind a corner you got…

  • stamina to strafe which makes you warpy and often harder to trace with the crosshair for you opponent,
  • you surprise them which makes you most likely the one to give damage first,
  • you may – in narrow ways (think of tc_base, battery, …) – additionally benefit from them doing team damage to each other while standing in line one after another and you’ll be the one who gives damage first when one opponent falls and the next in line is under immediately your crosshair while you continue shooting without interruption

Further more: as fast as you appeared you can also disappear again behind the corner to a safe place to heal you, reload, draw a grenade, etc. which makes a powerful defensive aspect of corners.

@2: I hear people often say it is lame to camp behind corners. That is honestly total crap. First: if you are an experienced player you expect opponents to pop up everywhere – especially corners. And thus you can anticipate it. And second: you can also camp behind corners and do the same. In order to get a good efficiency (which is the relation from kills to death or damage given to damage received), corner camping is a very strong and no lame means. 😉

@3: The means of camping behind corners is most effective, when it is totally unexpected to your opponent. To make and leave it unexpected: vary your positions! But also keep in mind that you don’t get the maximum out of the game if you just camp behind corners, if you just sit and wait… Play agressively but controled and use corners effectively when needed, e.g. when you know opponents are approaching there.

Other useful obsticles
Besides corners there are other, although often less powerful obcticles in maps you can use to your strategic advantage:

  1. crates
    you can hide behind or rather stand behind them so that you are hardly visible and thus hardly hitable to you opponent
  2. trees
    dance behind them for example while you are reloading in a firefight and you got no chance of reloading behind a safe place… the tree may absorb some of the bullets of your opponent.
  3. walls
    where you can hide behind so that you see the full field and your opponent may hardly spot your head

All in all we can phrase the following rule:

Be invisible to your opponent(s) by using obsticles – especially corners


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